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tv   LIVE Mayors Disability Council  SFGTV  June 17, 2016 1:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon everyone. welcome to the mayors disability council, friday july 17, 2016 in room 400 at city hall. my name is denise senhaux and cochair the meeting. we will open with a introduction and cochair supanich will read todays introduction. >> good afternoon and welcome to mayors disability council friday june 17, 2016 in room 400 of san francisco city hall. city hall is access to persons using wheelchairs and other assistive mobility devices. wheelchair access is provided as grouv, van ness and mcallister streets via ramps. wheelchair at the polk
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street/carton b goodwin interest has a wheel their lift. assistive listening devices are available and the meeting are captions and interpreted. also available in large print and braille. please ask staff for additional assistance. to prevent electronic interference with the rooms sound system and respect everyones ability to focus on the presentations, please silence all mobile phones and devices. your cooperation is appreciated. we welcome the publics participation during public comment. you may complete a speakerscard available in the frubt of the room or call the bridge line, 415-554, 9632 where a staff person will handle requests to speak at the appropriate time. the mares disability councils meetding are generally held the third
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friday of the month. the next meeting is july 15, 2016 from 1 to 4 p.m. in city hall in room 400. call the mayors office on disability for further information or request accommodations at 1-415-554-6785 for voice or 1-415-554-6799 for tty. a reminder to all the guests today to speak slowly into the microphone to assist the captioners and interprets. we would like to dedicate this meeting in honor of carla johnson, former director of mayors office of disability bhoo passed june 12, 2016. we thank you for joining us. >> thank you. we'll proceed to
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roll call. >> thank you. cochair supanich, present. senhaux, present. council member wong, [inaudible] council member penzvalto, absent. council member kostanian who is present. >> thank you. >> thank you. we will proceed to action item 2, reading of the agenda. >> action item 1, agenda item 1, welcome introduction and roll call. agenda item 2, action item, reading and approval of the agenda. ajendsa item number 3, public comment. items not on todays ajends but within the
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jurisdiction of mdc. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. agenda item number 4, information item. cochair report. agenda item number 5, information item. staff report from the mayors office on disability. agenda item number 6, information item. homelessness in san francisco. the fact of the size of the challenge what we are doing and what changes are coming. presentation by sam dodge, director, mayors office of housing opportunity partnerships and engagement. hope. agenda item number 7, information item. department of aging and adult services benefits and resource hub at 2 gough street. the daas intake service manager will give a overpen view thof services aurf
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offered at 2 gauch street with discrepgz of the space and will discus part time employment opportunity for seniors or young adults with disabilities service as community liaisons who provide information and support for consumers who visit this one stop shop. presentation by jason adamek, daas intake servicess manager. public comment is welcome. break. the council will take a 15 minute break. agenda item number 8, information item. mandatory access improvements to small businesses. a response to multi-year study involving various city and county departments and community based organizations, to increase access to small businesses for people with disability. this ordinance will will businesses comply with ada and raise awareness of
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businesses responsibility for barrier removal. presentation by regina dick-endrizzi, executive drether, office of small business, rick halloran, senior building inspector, department of building inspection, dyanna quiz on, legislative aid office of supervisor katy tang. public comment is welcome. to the chair there is an ajendsa item change. there will not be a presentation for ajendsa item 9. agenda item 10, public comment. items not on todays agenda but within the jurisdiction of mdc. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. item 11, information item, correspondence. item 12, discussion item. council member comments and announcements. agenda item number 3, adjourned in honor of
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carla johnson, director of may rs office of disability who passed sunday june 12, 2016. >> thank you. we'll proceed to item number 3, public comment. items not on todays agenda within the jurisdiction of mayors disability council. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. we have speaker cards located in the front, if anybody would like to come up and speak. okay. if none, i will go ahead and close public comment and go ahead to information item number 4, which is a report from our co -chair, chip supanich. >> thank you. um, i just want to talk about the budget
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justice coalition which is a broad base coalition working to insure san francisco city budget is fair in a way that benefits people with disabilities, youth, the homeless, low wage workers, people at risk for evictions and so forth. i spoke at one of the rallys a few weeks ago and it is a broad base coalition of community based organizations. there is attorneys that represent people, people that operate food banks and people that are advocates for people with disabilities, seniors and others. they presented a budget to-every year they present a socially just budget to the mayor as a alternative to past years and this years budget totals $54 million.
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19.8 is for housing subsidies, eviction prevention and the like . housing issues. but the rest includes early care and education for children, food security, hiv aids services, services for people with disabilities, supports for non profits, business increase for non profits, and as far as legal employment services. last monday next monday is the last budget hearing before the boferd supervisors meets to play with the money they get every year to fill in services where the mayors hasn't. i do not have the exact time, but it is here as city hall and a quick call to 311 would probably get you that information. but it is important that there be a
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strong showing of community support, otherwise it will never happen. that concludes my report. today is monday which is the 20? and it is the budget meeting for the board of supervisor jz will probably be in-i can't tell you which room, i think it is on the second floor hearing room. call any supervisors office or city hall or just dial 311 and think you can get that information there too. sorry, i don't have it. i thought i have it but i don't. >> thank you for your report cochair supanich. we'll proceed to information item 5, staff report from the mayors office on disability. >> good afternoon council and members the public. i'm healthy [inaudible] the ada coordinator at the mayors
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office on disability so todays report we will focus on attention on different disability access issues that our office sees as well as requests from the public. for the month of april and may of this year. our office received 121 inquiries which involve information refurl and ada assist nss. 91 percent were from the public and 9 percent from city departments. involve question about services, support animals per taining to private housing and public accommodation such as private businesses. there were also request for information for legal resources. we saw questions about providing effective communication especially from employees from the city in the area of creating accessible documents for electronic distribution and i think we noteished increase
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in this subject matter because we just finished our ada coordinator training academy and had two sessions on effective communications and one folked on practical tips how to create accessible documents. i think the tips were useful because they were easy to follow and you didn't have to be tech savvy. i think that sparked a interest how employees can do that themselves and be proactive. we will post these at trainings on the website so if you want to review the training availability for the ada coordinators that should be up. the website is s frks we processed 11 complaints for had
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month of april and may. 3 curb ramp request and one for accommodation. the main complaints reported were maintenance of accessibility features to elevator outage in a city funded program and power door out of service in a skity facility. we received complaints about ubinstruction to the public right of way due to construction zones and we also received complaints about the mishandling of request for accommodations squl city funding housing and homeless programs as well as mishandling to process request for communication for information to be in accessible format. this serves for the members of the public, if you have a disability access question or concern you can contact the mayors office on disability and reach at by our phone at
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415-554-6789 or contact us through e-mail at m or by calling 311. and i also like to give you information about a project that donna adkin and i will work on. we will provide disability access support at a upcoming event for bay area womens summit which is event sponsored by the office of the mayor and will be on site that day. the summit is taking place june 21 at the moscone center and we'll be there at the front so anybody needs assistance with disability accommodations for the two main contacts and as far as the summit itself, the different topics are work place policy and benefits, economic
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employerment, imprist bias, education and childcare and more and hope we will see members from the disability community at the event so they can be bring the unique perspecktdive of people with disabilities. to learn morelet you can visit bayareawomen .org. >> thank you for your report. we'll go to item 6, information item. homelessness in san francisco and i like to welcome our presenter, mr. somdodge, director of hope. is he here? i see he is not here yet. what we are going
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to do for the council if we can go to the next presentation and go back to information item number 6. okay? alright. we will go ahead and we will go to information number 7, which is department of aging and adult services daas, benefits and resources for the hub at 2 gough. are the presenters here, jason adamek? i will see
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if we can just go on. with the council permission if we can take care of the other administrative items and come back as the presenters get here. we will go to information item number 11 and review if we have any correspondence. >> there is no correspondence. [laughter]. >> that was a trick wasn't it? at least we took care of that agenda item. >> is director dodge here yet? i believe i just saw you walk in. >> okay, we'll go back to item 6 and like to welcome director of hope, mr. sam dodge. >> thank you for being here today. >> thank you so much. it is
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very busy few weeks so i am happy to answer all kinds of questions. i think i was invited to talk about the changes with the forming of the new department and so let's broadly go over that and then we can get dialogue. my name is sam dodge and currently the director of the mayors office of housing opportunities partnership and engagement. we set out on a mission laid out by the mayor to form a new department to centralize our responses to homelessness and as part of that, the mayors office of hope, which i'm the director will fold into this department. the path for had department is really through a transfer of function which is happening with the budget now so we are actually the new
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director hired for the department, jeff cuzinsky is in the budget chamber now so it is a big day for us. it goes through, there is a company piece of legislation that goes through the board that helps to establish the department, so it will be a matrix department starting july 1 and official department august 15. it takes the homeless outreach team and drop in center services and housing programs from the department of public health and the housing and homeless division from the human services agency which encompasses shelters and navigation centers and drop in centers, master lease program and care not cash programs brings them together to one department so we have a pathway
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to street outreach through housing. this department is envisioned to have a budget of this next year around $221 million and let's talk about what that entailed. it is about $50 million that goes for the sheltering programs which is for youth, single adults and families, drop in centers, services currently for people that are currently without a home. the vast majority of the money is for a permanent supportive housing and the services that are embedded there with the rent subsidies, on site support services, 24 hour staffing. it will have around 6300 units in the portfolio and that is the vast
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majority of the speening for people formally homeless and as vacancies arrive people can access them to leave homelessness. there is a pool of money for prevention and rental subsidies and so by definition those are people housed as well. preventing evictions, preventing homelessness and provided time limited rent vouchers where we put in social work care, rapid rehousing which we have great success for families and expanded for single adults and youth. there is also transitional housing programs and others in there. the basic idea is we have one department focused on ndsed homelessness for san franciscan's every day of the year as its primary purpose. the mayors set out a numeric goal in the next 4
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year tooz ends the homelessness for 8,000 individuals. we are also working to create one unified data field to really assist people and lesson the amount of intrusive interviews so a case record can follow a person as they make their path from homelessness back into housing. and we have already well along that path but there is still much to do. there is also some other initiatives, key initiatives we are engaged in, but i will just leave it there and maybe give us time for dialogue that we can talk. i just wanted to really address to just the nature of the venue and carla johnson and the great work she did for our system dealing with people experiencing homelessness that have different challenges and got to work closely with her in
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the set of of the nachbigation center at 1950 mission and her dedication and passion were really infectious and as a #1i6b8 servant she was inspiring how to bring the passion for change into our professions, while be a professional and going above and beyaunds and figuring how to do best. she really inspired so many of us so just wanted to acknowledge her. with that, i will hand it over. >> thank you mr. dodge. i thank you for your presentation and kinds words about the former director, carla johnson. i will open up for questions from the council. cochair supanich. my screen is tuning in and out so may not see your name so raise your hand if i don'ts call you.
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>> thank you for your presentation and your final words. carly had a way of advocating and being a activist in the kind est and gentleest ways and also very very effective and glad you got to work with her so closely. as far as the department of homelessness, i do have several questions. a few things are still a little fuzzy around what it means and so i guess first of all, i like to know $220 million budget as you are forming other programs into department of homelessness, is that a net increase for homeless services or just adding up all the other department budgets from last year? >> it is mostly you know, bringing all the programs together and the cost increases together and there is a
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increase as well. there is increase funding put in there so we can leverage federal vouchering programs to bring on at least looks like 300 units of housing that we will be able to bring on the next year, so sometimes with federal reimbursement it isn't enough in san francisco's housing market so it needs also general fund commitments as well. there is money to expand that. there is money to fill some long term needs for our shelters that have been kind of underfunded and there is money to backfill federal cut that we received. we received overall a large increase in our federal grants through the mckinney process, the continuum of care process through hud, but while it increased a bunch of
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programs it cut other squz we didn't want to lose the programs that are necessary for our system of care so there is general fund money added on that will save money. >> there is a net increase overall for the services? >> yes. >> that is squhaut i want today knhoe. i'm curious about the time line for sth new navigation centers. there are 4 or 5, one in particular at the civic center hotel. when can we expect to see those? >> they are going well, the civic center hotel has permanent residents that will transfer that will be built if the project is approved. it has 93 units we are planning to use for navigation services. we have been building out community spaces necessary for meals and other services and are pretty done with that, so
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we were envisioning doing a ribbon cutting on the 28th. >> wow. >> we got people in there already and making use of the units, so-- >> it is open already and will be a formal opening coming shortly so i'm ambiguous about it, but there is recent legislation passed at the boards of supervisors and we were able to work with the board to amends it and it called for expansion to navigation centers to 6 navigation centers. remember the legislation defined them as temporal so they are not open forever, 6 months to 2 years maximum so it could look like 2 at a time and add up to 6 if you know what i'm saying. the current navigation center we
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have another year to go there. the one on 19ths and mission and the civicsenter hotel should open shortly and looks like we will have at least 2 years there. we have been working closely with the dogpatch and neighbors about opening one on a dead end street owned by the port and so it is working with the port authority and neighbors and others. it looks like if that can go well we will be able to open that by january of next year. the legislation allows us to take part of a larger shelter and have a special service program there for a special population. maybe elderly, people in employment services or people coming off the street like the current navigation centers are envisioned for. we have various opportunities. we have
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been working with department of public health to how to do a navigation style residential shelter program for people below conservitorship level of care but above what we serve in the centers so there is a population we think we can serve in that way. the legislation gives us 2 years and the civic center hotel will count as well. >> you [inaudible] i haveen seen activity around the hotel about signifying a change so that is great. >> look at the ground floor. you will see the windows opened up. >> i haven't been by in the last week or so. >> we are working fast. >> there fs a bar in that
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space. all the navigation centers are fully accessible and what percent of the 300 units will be accessible for people with disabilities? >> let's see-fully accessible i kneknoe at least 102 of the units are fully accessible. so, 154 units-sorry, i should have come prepared for this. and bow know there is one building we are envisioning bringing on that is a walk up so it is not fully accessible. of the 3 i'm pretty sure we are very close to bringing on 2 are elevator and you can roll in. i'm maybe speaking out of turn about what is fully accessible and what is not but that is kind of part of what i look for accessibility
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but they all have to comply. these are residential hotels and have to have the grab bars and that type oof stuff for the bathrooms. they are old buildings being converted so it isn't to the modern standards of door width, but with the often the problem is steps into the building and no elevators on the grounds floor so two of the buildsings have that. >> that is good average. there is one other question. sorry the taking all your time. >> no problem. >> maybe it will come back to me so i'll let somebody else speak now. >> are there any other council questions for the presenter at this time? okay. cochair supanich, have you remember your question? >> my memory is still out.
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i'll get back. >> please do, contact me any time. >> can you leave a cards with heather? >> i will leave my contact information. >> i have a question. we will open up to mod staff for any questions. >> as i mentioned there was going to be a improved tracking system for client information, do you have a estimate of the launch of the system? >> it will come out in stages squh looks like we are federally mandated to do a tracking right now for our performance of the programs and clients in the programs and how they are doing and through the federal department of hud and it is a system called hmis, homeless management information system so we are reprocuring that and looks like we are done dependent on how the
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procurement goes by the end of the year it could be up and going. and then at it rolls out, i think it is safe to say that you know, it could be as long as a two year process to be fully implemented. a goal is a lot shorter than that, but it takes some time basically. >> and would there be a field in that information system to enter disability accommodation request information and if there isn't, is that something that could be exploreed? from my experience from taking complaints, i think that is a a area that would be benefited to streamline the process when clients move from city program to another and housing program. >> that is a great recommendation. that seems totally appropriate. >> great. >> thank you.
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>> is that something that will be exploreed or currently being exploreed? >> yes, currently being exploreed and makes sense to as we as make handoffs to programs we are successful. >> great. thank you. >> before i open to public comment i like to go back to cochair supanich, he remembered his question. >> mr. dodge, i haven't been to the navigation sentser-i had difficulty getting a tour. i want to make sure the audience understood the range of services offered. in particular i like to know if there are mental health and psychosocial support there as well as legal and employment services and things like that. >> the goal is transition people from street homelessness into housing and so the set of
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services that are available on site are really focused tightly on that and so right now it is taking a average of 90 days for people to transition into supportive housing, which is great, but it does mean that we don't engage in some of the other important and necessary programs like employment or long term therapy, so it is really like-we are looking at like getting on to entitlement benefits, getting id. there is social workers on site and there is medical clinic that comes once a week. there are referrals to residential rehabilitation programs. if they are needed to be able to be successful in the housing process, but if someone can get to their appointments it is
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average of 25 appointments to get someone into housing, we rather they are stablely housed first before taking on the other life challenges. there services that are on site social workers, these bringing in the various government services from the healthcare and entitlement, those are just really geared towards the housing process. >> just to follow up, because all of us are aware i think there is a web of substance abuse issue and mental health and homelessness and medical issue, so i guess you have to grab one string and pull and start to wee again a better system, but there is also a long period adjustment for people coming off the street especially if they are long term homeless where being indoors is something that takes a lot of time to adjust to.
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i'm asking if these things are tended to once they are housed, there is somebody there to talk about these things or psychosocial support. it doesn't have to be a psychologist, just people they can talk to. >> this sh the beauty of the support system is there is on site and [inaudible] all that done in the context of having your own private room, schis so helpful for mental helths and stability, so yeah, when i say the average is 90 days, there is long outlies, it does take people a long time. some people are ready and can make the change and making the target of the navigation center people in 5 years or more in the current episode of homelessness so talking about people with extensive people with homelessness, 20 or 30
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years so if it takes a while for somebody to be successful, that is okay. what we see working best when someone is in their permanent housing they can take on the rest of life's challenges with having the housing crisis out of the way. that is how front loud the housing crisis to deal with the other things afterwards. >> harm reduction principles, how does it apply to these folks as they get into housing? >> they are applied at the navigation center. it isn't allowed to use drugs or drink on site. if people are intoxicated they are welcome in, it okay. if we do intervene and find you know, contra ban it is a opportunity to make a intervention arounds substance abuse and how to be
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successful in the program and not kick someone out. when transitions into permanent housing, the privacy and rights of all of us inch the permanent residents, but with the onsite support services to help people thrive if they are not thriving because maybe they are out of control with substance abuse. yeah, the city of san francisco we have a harm reduction city wide policy and this follows through the homeless services, the housing and on. >> thank you for answering all my many many questions. >> sure. >> mrs. atkins go ahead. >> director dodge thank you for being here. i have a quick question for people that are not aware of the demo graphics of the current navigation sentser, would you talk a little about the folks who are there now and maybe if that
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will be the same demo graphic for future navigation centers? >> so, the target audience has really been people that are two target audiences. it is 75 bed residential program. 70 of the beds we use with the outreach team and mission center to bring people in off the streets, the long term encampments. that has had-there is a broad demo graphics we targeted some encampments in haight ash burry with young people and encampments in the mission district that are front and center and really in the mix
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and what we found is there a racial breakup how people are using encampments and the more front and sentser encampments tend to be younger and whiteer. the hidden away encampments are older and blacker, just to use broad kind of categories. we noticed in the first 6 months there was a demo graphic prm problem and we knee know in the homeless camp the african american individuals make up 36 percent the homeless camp which is dramatic compared to the overall african american population in the city. nation wide there is homeless is 5 times greater for those african american and here it looks like it could be as high as 7 or 10 times dependent how you put the
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african american population in san francisco. the navigation center year to date, it has been around i think 26 percent african american which is lower than the overall homeless population and i think where we noticed is some was how we were using the resource by taking the whole encampment that may be very visible rather than selecting people having the hardest time navigating the system with the longest term homeless. the other approach we are hoping to be able to correct some of the racial bias we tended to do when we take just a big public encampment instead of targeting the longest term homeless. in the next-when the navigation center at the civic center hotel, we are planning to double down on
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the length of homelessness and to really pull from our entire system those are the longest term homeless for life time history that are preferenceed for federal supportive housing so this will take out people we are ready to house and take them to the navigation center. we will look at the currents street population and invite the longest term homeless people to the navigation center there. by the nature of the long term i think we do kind of skew towards a older demographic, but by using current episodes of homelessness rather than life time episodes like what we use fwr federal housing if you say
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5 years or more we get into younger demographic we are otherwise negligenting that is now 13 years or more. >> thank you. >> got a little long. >> thank you. i like to-i thank everyone for the patience and like to open to public comment to the audience. do we have speaker cards or anyone that would like to speak on this topic? don't all be shy. do we have anyone on the bridge line? okay. i will go ahead and close public comment and thank you director dodge for being here today. we will go on to number 7, information item. the department of aging and adult services, daas, benefits and resources hub at 2
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gough. i like to welcome our presenter, jason admark. >> thank you and good afternoon. i just want to say echo statements from the previous presenter, i will really miss leadership, carla johnson. i didn't know her very well but can say she was extremely support v of daas and me personally. i felt coming here this is probably my 4 or 5th time presenting here and here being so supportive and smiling and maybe sensing nervousness in me, but always giving that kind smile and basically saying, we are all friends here. i think she'll be sorly missed and just 3 months ago she was doing a walk through of 2 gough and extremely supportive of making the changes we needed to make the site as accessibles a
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possible and being supportive of it. i'm sure everyone here as well will miss her greatly so wanted to start with that. 2 gough opened and it is the benefits and resources hub for seniors and adults with disabilities. so, the servicess that we provide there, we are fully functioning and open, is a whole host of services and benefits for seniors and adults with disabilities. we have a benefit side you can come in and apply for med i-cal and cal fresh and apply for the services i manage which is inhome support service, adult prethive suchbs, home delivered meals, case management or any long term care services in the
1:49 pm
community that we fund or out in the community for seniors and adults with disabilities. colocated is the county veteran service office so we also serve veterans of any age. really the purpose of this site is for us to be commingled and not be silloed so we are nost focused on medi-cal or cal fresh and go beyond that and people are exposed to all the other services provided at the site chblt we have done changes to making sure all the staff advertise all the servicess and tracking that so if someone comes in and a veteran they will hear about all the other services we have. it is one of a kind to have a space dedicated solely for seniors and adults with disabilities.
1:50 pm
it doesn't mean if someone else comes without a disability we won't serve them but we are a space advertising particularly for this group of people that is underserved and hasn't had a space where they feel comfortable going to. the other part of the site that is -hasn't happened yet, but we will be going to our commission, daas commission june 22 selecting community liaison contractor so we will have seniors and or adults with disabilities highered to be at 2 gough to be a liaison for the community and also to really help with the navigation of the site. it is a small site so it isn't like people have to go through all these corridors and will get lost, but the community liaisons will be
1:51 pm
important helping people fill out a application. helping fill out surveys. we are launching a customer satisfaction serve ato make sure the site is accessible and friendsly. they can provide leader support and with the lobby we have a lot of information. help stalk the outreach ilet items and having all the information we should have at our site. we hope to have that piece of it up and running in august and then later on and this is something our community liaisons will help is the computer lab. that is the one part of 2 gough that fully functioning. we have the space but we are sfil working turning that into called a sf connected site. there is a lot of sf connected sites throughout the city that help get computer access and twraining for senior jz adults
1:52 pm
with disabilities so 2 gough will have a computer lab and i'm hopeful the community liaison and internal staff will help people get in and out of the computer squlab signed in and do trainings and help people get on to the internet and learn how to use computers. so, with that, it is a short presentation but i open up to questions. we have been open for two months now and already seen by word of mouth a lot of more foot traffic coming-i have probably just for at daas services, application services for support and other services i have seen traffic triple from our old address so just having a more accessible site and having a site that people can identify with as the face of daas services i think is really helpful and people are taking
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advantage of it, so if it is great. >> thank you so much. i will open up questions for the council. >> thank you for coming today. these community liaisons when will they begin working? >> we are hopeful in august because it has to go to our commission later this month and getting the contracts signed and making sure the scope of services is agreeable so realistically august. >> one of the issues i think exists is especially for adults with disabilities is that they have relied heavily on medical providers or community based organizations for services, but things change as they age and a lot are not aware what daas and senior services offer that may
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exinch wait or replace services that they received when they are younger so wonder if these reaiz ons-i would like to see a seemless movement from one cdo to others that serve seniors or into the daas system of care and plugged into other organizations because they are over 62 or 65. >> right. i think part of this project, our director and staff including myself are very mindful of employing not only seniors but also adults with disabilities and understanding as we age we may have more disability or just you maith need different types of services. i work qu jessie lurenz at the independent resource sent and are part the connection, aging disabilities resource connection so learned
1:55 pm
a lot from her and she has learned a lot from me so we connected a lot around services so referring back and forth, learning about all the things that organization does for a advocacy and for her learning more of the traditional case management services daas provides or like the bread and butter programs like in-hose services or consulting on abuse type situations. i also think not only with just the community liaison contract is emblematic of a lot of our other contracts and how we shape the scope of services. we are very inclusive making sure we transition away from standsards or historical senior centric type of services that people do age and we are looking at a broader community and how we serve people at 2 gough and all our contracts.
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>> great. i'm sure carla johnson made this clear that people with not visible disabilities need to be taken into consideration as well and long term chronic illness and mental health and disabilities and things like that. that is it for me. >> okay, >> thank you cochair, supanich. like to open for any questions from the staff. i have a comment. i just want to let the council know i took a walk through a couple months ago and the space is not very big, it is-but it is very-it feels very safe and the staff were very warm. what i really like about it as you need more services you don't get them, not because you are not qualified for them or it is a application issue so you go
1:57 pm
somewhere and someone says you are qualified for this but have to go here. for some that is too much a hassle and don't get what they are entitled to. what i appreciate about the space is you offer the opportunity for people to get all the services they need in one place without sending them arounds the city to possibly have to do that. >> right and that is the key. thank you for highlighting that. we haven't had a lot of great space before and for the vets we were at 27 van ness, very small space. i was talking to one of the staff today and he was saying you know, we have people come in and they just didn't have physical space so they would leave and were not sure if they will come back and now we have this larger space, it isn't huge but have a waiting area and comfortable safe space so for a county veterans office they really find it really helpful and for my staff it is the first time we had a space
1:58 pm
where people can walk in or come in and we can have a interview in a confidential space so it is a wonderful space for everyone. >> if the council members haven't seen if i encourage you to see it. >> would we contact you if we want to take a tour? >> absolutely. >> could you give the audience your contact information so they can find out more about the services that you provide? >> sure. people can contact me directly-415-934-4297. and they can e-mail at jason.adamek
1:59 pm
@ >> thank you. i like to open up to public comment. any questions? comments? anyone on the bridge line? okay. thank you very much for your presentation. the council will move on and take a 15 minute break, so we'll see you back for the second half in 15 minutes. thank you. [council in 15 minute recess]
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>> good afternoon everyone, and cell back to mayors disability council in 400. we would like to get started with information
2:15 pm
item number 8, mandatory access improvements to small business and like to welcome our presenters. regina dick-endrizzi, dyanna, rick halloran, and dyanna quiz on. >> good afternoon. with supervisor katy tangs office. supervisor tang sends her apologies, she is in the midst of the budget process. to start off we want today provide some context on how we approach this legislation. supervisor tang has been working on accessibility for our place of the public accommodation since she was a legislative aid with
2:16 pm
supervisor camen chew and office of small business, city departments and department of building inspection to see how to encourage hoar accessibility under the federal and state guidelines. so, our office is working on this issue for the past 2 years and really reached out to stakeholders, cvo, collaborates to see what we can do and under supervisor tang, she approached it on a educational point of view. educating small business. we saw the sun set distrblth small businesses on the corridors who may be mono lingual receiving notices of litigation about their accessibility and trying to help be proactive. with the outreach and education resources provide by the mayors office and office of small business, we were not able to get the word out as much as we like. our first gome is to
2:17 pm
create accessibility for all residence of san francisco as well as educate all of our business owners. eventually we several meetings and a couple of years of really delving into the issue and input from had city kapartments we came upon the legislation to mandate accessible on a local level to provide education, resources, advise to small businesses to all places of public accommodation so they ruweir of thairb requirements under state and federal law and take the proactive actions to make their businesses accessible and the services. that is the legislation does this by accomplishing a few objectives requiring the front entrances are accessible and encouraging volunteer corrections to other non complying elements. we want to make sure the departments work together so-we
2:18 pm
were seeing businesses wanted to have the accessibility and reach out to more customers but were dogged down in the city plauss so we created a disability access compliance unit with all the relevant departments so when a owner comes to the city they can go through the process smoothly and work to get the entrances accessible. we also took our time developing the legislation to insure all the requirementerize feasible for the property owners. we didn't want to create a burn burden on the property owner so we wanted to make sure everybody was involved in that process. there were many city agencies, stakeholders and committee members who assisted. in my years working for the supervisor i have never seen such commitment from it department to create something that was feasible for the business owners as well as making sure accessibility is the goal for the city. those
2:19 pm
included judy beaugin the city attorneys office and richard [inaudible] office of small business. ony learning from access appeals commission and carla johnson from mayors office of disability. she was a key role and asset in the process and really appreciated her service and dedication to the issue and it is a testimony to her work and the work of all the city departments in creating-we feel this is a groundbreaking piece of legislation we hope will serve as a model to other jurisdictions. so, the legislation was passed unanimously by the boferd supervisors april 22, 2016 or sign bide the mayor april 22. we allowed for a 3 month period so that dbi can provide materials and outreach to the places of public accom kaigz to businesses so they so understand their requirements.
2:20 pm
richard halloran will speak to the process and how the program will be rolled out and regina dick-endrizzi will spees about the outreach. we hope in the next few years we will see wide spread outreach, education and work done so nobody can say they can't access the services the city provides and that we really begin a model for everyone on how we can work together between the public and private sector to make sure everybody has access to services and serve as a model under federal and state laws. so, i'm going to pass the microphone to my colleagues and happy to answer questions at the end. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you dyanna and good afternoon regina dick-endrizzi. i want to extend condolances
2:21 pm
to council and staff on the passing of carla johnson. she was just terrific and so great to work with. so, i want to -dyanna highlighted some of the history of coming to this what i say is very historic and groundbreaking legislation we created in san francisco. so, in 2012, a business came to our office, they were opening their business, they had worked in a very small space and worked with dbi to deal with finding a equivalent accommodation to deal with a accessible entry way, but the requirement when you alter a entry way you need it go >> student historic previvation
2:22 pm
so this created challenges because historical preservation didn't into approve that as it was drafted in the plan because it was going to alter the historical front enough. with this business owner trying to navigate with dbi, historical preservation and dpw trying to work, they eventually just said this is becoming very expensive trying to work out the time in getting the business open. they wanted to bring that challenge to my attention and i wasn't really aware of that at that particular point in time and so what this said to me as a person who works with our small businesses, but also as a city representative is we can be doing better in terms of helping our businesses comply.
2:23 pm
i actually worked clously with carla and office developed a white paper to highlight this -the navigation issue that businesses were experiencing and then we provided that with supervisor tang and she took that and of course built on it and had developed a piece of legislation that is much stronger than what was initially in the white paper and i really appreciate all the work she has done. in 2013, as dyanna said, supervisor tang started convening not only departments but also with the business and disability community stakeholders running by different ideas. as dyanna said, in april the legislation passed into law. so, with this legislation and the work, this
2:24 pm
will help increase the access to goods and services. it will help businesses gain ada compliance. another important really for me component for me and for our office is, both at the federal level, both the property owner and the business have equal responsibility and now with our current leasing environment, many businesses are now getting leases more than 3 5 years so if you are going oo work to try to make your entry way accessible, that cost and may not be able to recoup. one that thing that registered with me is the entry way stays the same year after year changes from one business to the next business to the next business so there is a
2:25 pm
certain responsibility the property owner is not taking at times between the leases to make the entryways accessible so i really appreciate the fact we are actually identifying and highlighting to the property owner their obligation requirements, while there may be nuances in how the lease is written in terms of who may end up paying for it, but we are saying to them, you have a responsibility to insureing your property and space you are leasing out is accessible to the disability community. um, so this will raise awareness of access barrier removals and requirements and encourage further removal and require alternative methods to deliver goods and services so we can educate on ways to
2:26 pm
alternatively deliver goods and services. in terms of one of the outcomes is lesson the frequency of lawsuits. as city and county of san francisco we will take responsibility of deal wg the entryways, you don't need to-do that anymore, we will do that. this ordinance to make sure everybody is clear, the ordinance doesn't lesson or alter businesses legal responsibilities for barrier removals under title 3 and of course we need to remind businesses while the property owner deal s with the entryways they need to make sure the interior of the business is accessible. so, i think that is the end of my presentation
2:27 pm
and will be back up in a bit but will turn it over to richard halloran. >> commissioners. thank you. rick halloran, senior building inspector department of building inspection. i wanted to note that director tom hui could not be here due to conflicting appointments but did want to thank you for sth opportunity to address you and also wanted me to send the departments condolances on the loss of carla johnson. i will begin with a quotation that was shown to me by chris downy who is a blinds architect that i had the opportunity to work with on the development of the reasonable modifications at the lighthouse of the blinds. disa
2:28 pm
ability is a cushion condition that may limit a persons mobility hearing or vision speech or mental function. a handycape is a restriction or disadvantage that is placed onch a person. for example, some people with disabilities use wheelchairs. there is the american disabilities act and requirement for barrier removal that often times are skirted or avoided and when i saw supervisor tang wanted to make a effort to remove these, i was honored to be a part of it so our goal with this ordinance is remove as many barriers as we probably can. we are basically doing is mending the san francisco building code. note, this is not a civil rights legislation, this is san
2:29 pm
francisco building code but it is ground breaking move because it is the first time in the united states state anyone enforced barrier removal. it isn't enforceable other than lawsuit prior to this. we will require owners to have the primary entry usable or to obtain a determination of equivalence technical infeasible or unreasonable hardship. we will not interfere with preexisting contractual agreements between owners and lease es as we can't by state law. the building code only recognizes the owner so will address the ownerment we will also require and this is i think the best part oof the ordinance, there are buildings that will never become usable or compliant. these buildings we will require to provide alturninate methods
2:30 pm
of providing goods and services as is required by title 3. hopefully we will be able to enter into thatcomputer system when it is developed. we are also going to there will be disability access compliance unit within department of building inspection which is novel and joint effort of multiple departments working together for a common goal to facilitate accessibility and make the process easier for people to come in to make the buildings accessible. this has never been done and will be unique. it also establishes a fee of less than $100 when you apply. in order to make this work, what we did is divided every building into one of 4
2:31 pm
categories. there is a exemp category if built every 2002 we are reasonable certain you will have a accessible entry but we ask you to show that. the other 4 categories, category 1 is either on purpose or by accident your entry complywise the requirements of the ordinance so that is no further work needed. category 2, would be there is something wrong with your entry, but you do not have a step. these would be things like doors, handles and we'll show examples of those in a second. category 3, you have one step and the reason we chose that is the guidance on title 3 of the ada states that they in their opinion one step is a readably achievable barrier to be removed. i'm not sure if they visited san francisco when they wrote that
2:32 pm
but we'll approach it from that angle. category 4, you have more than one step or any number of a myriad of nightmare situations we will probably if we can't find a remedy we will be looking at alternate methods of goods and services. this is a example of category 1, brand new building fairly new. this is a building on market street. the door is fully compliant, people get in no problem. we want them to e-mail giving the application number and when it was built and it will be done. this would be a category 2, which it doesn't have a step, but if you notice in the picture i circled the door handle which isn't the right height and requires turning of the wrist to open. the entry is sloped and the door width is too narrow. category 2 are
2:33 pm
generally going to be fairly easy to remeet yaid and that is why we put them in the first group because most are served with a power door. enthis case we probably require both doors operate at the same time because not one door gives the 32 inches to be in compliance. this is category 2. category 3 has a step and i picked this picture because it brings in a interesting problem which this is historic building. this has a step and they consider this-i talk to people in planning about this particular building and said we need to slope that and also have a sidewalk in front which is 16 feet wide and i talked to kevin jen son at dpw and said we can slope the sidewalk. we can make that entry accessible. now, the people in the planning historic
2:34 pm
initially said the tile is historic and i said, let me ask you if the tile said people of color not allowed in the building what would you do? they said we would take it out. i said it is the same thing. it is the same law so we have to rethink and that is what we are doing, we are working with david wens low in planning and people are saying we are rethinking how these things are done in building, planning and dpw and will come up with a manual on how we can address these. this building we agreed will be fixed without a problem and we can match the tile so it will be a rather interesting situation. category 4, which there is not a lot you can do with something like this. we will ask them to widen the door perhaps and fix the hands rails which are not close to
2:35 pm
compliant. but we will ask this business to give a method of supplying goods and services that doesn't require entry to the building and will document that and in doing that we re-ally upon the compliance unit and taskforce and rely upon the access appeals commission to overvee these and going through the access appeals commission now documenting the different equivalency. the timeframe on this is fairly simple. we are basically going to start in may of next year, the first two groups have to come in. we asked people. -we have a website up which asks people not to do anything until december because we need to put
2:36 pm
this together. we estimate between 20 and 30 thousand businesses involved so need time to get our ducks in a row. next friday we are sending a letter to the soft story applicants who have commercial entities on the ground floor and if they want to come in i'll work with this individually so they don't have to work on their building a year from now tear it up again which i think we can save time and money at this point if we do it now so that letter is going out friday. basically, everybody will have to have a permit by february 22 of 2020. the standard permitting process takes over from there. at the end when we do the inspection we grant a certificate of final completion so they have documentation. as i said,
2:37 pm
sthais multi-departmental-we will have a taskforce that is multi-departmental. we are work wg kevin jensen, dpw, regina with small business, myself at dbi and eddie lee. we recently added fiowna from ilrc because we felt we needed someone with that opponent of view that can assist in making decisions that i don't have experience with. and then we have the access appeals commission [inaudible] learner is on the taskforce as is zack or [inaudible] working on accessibility since before the ada was passed. we have an amazing group working on this and it is quite impressive. the second phase-we have to get the hammers and nails done and trying to work out the interdepartmental thing jz get
2:38 pm
the basis of the manual and at that point we will reach out and invite other members to join the task force with us. we will reach out to merchants associations, business associations. as i said we reached out to ilrc but want to talk to people from the lighthouse senior disability action groups and people like that and we will also ask members of this organization to give input or become part of it you are more than welcome. the next slide will be the financing options and more comfortable if regina took that because that is her baby but want to thank you. >> so, while the current financing options now are targeted to small businesses, but some property owners may qualify as a small business as
2:39 pm
well. there is a disableed access credit which is a federal tax credit, it is a annual tax credit up to $5 thousand a year. there is actectural barrier removal and this is a federal tax reduction up to $15,000 and then in san francisco we have a for the bay-air area so businesses throughout the bay can apply for the loan, ada compliance loan so as long as the business or small property owner isn't in litigation, they can apply for loans ranging from 1 thousand to $50 thousand. the state following our loan model pased a law and cal cap will be launching a ada financing program through our small non profitlandsers throughout the state of california and i
2:40 pm
believe it will be effective july 1 for 5 year loans up to $50 thousand. and then recently, thank you to supervisor tang, including the mandatory access improvements can be financed by property owners through what is the pace program or the public financing program through charging your property tax or property and you pay for it through your property tax. the mandatory soft story program has this as a means for a property owner to be able to finance the mantory soft story. this is a good compliment to the program because with the mandatory soft story you are required to do accessibility improvements but because the average soft story improvement is under the threshold, property owners may
2:41 pm
not be realizing that it is a good time to make their entryways fully accessible and what we are finding the property owners doing the soft story ret row fit in the commercial spaces many are doing it between leases or having the business go dark so the business is existing the space while doing improvements so we want to insure that they are able to fully finance and take advantage of the opportunity to make their entryways accessible. those are the core means of being able to finance doing the work. >> thank you. sorry for the interruption but know nothing about money and you can ask my wife, she will afirm that. outreach, the last and most important part of this is we
2:42 pm
will have to-we will work closely with regina and number of organizations to get the word out. you probably heard very little about this to date and that is intentional because we will be flood would phone call s and have to get work done. i was asked a question will you allow portable ramps and that is not a yes or no answer because we have sidewalk ish issues. are there other ways to comply before that? if that is the only way available, yes. what are the guidelines and how do you deply a ramp and how do you not provide a tripping hazard and what type of ramps can we allow. the ramps don't have hand rails but
2:43 pm
they are allowed. if you look at ada to small business it says you can use a portable ramp. we would rather have a permanent solution if possible thrmpt is a large outreach that has to be done. we are developing brown bag presentations and have a website we will expand. we are 99 percent finished with a brosure we will hand out and we will have video clips. i have been offered use of recording studio of lighthouse of the blind by brian [inaudible] graciously and thank him for that. we will take to commercial and small property owners and will access the soft story owners. we have beenen touch with business merchant association and realtors and will do outreach to them. we will talk to community based organizations and disability
2:44 pm
organization squz will ask mod to find who we need to contact and who we can contact. and i have been in touch with california commission of disact access and expressed a interest and regina and i will probably discuss that and i volunteered regina. the american architect association, we will look at local and state agency squz anyone we can get to we will do outreach but we will not do this until probably just toward the end of the year because we have a lot of work to do and that is pretty much it for the presentation and on behalf of everyone i want to thank you very much for your attention. >> thank you. i don't necessarily have a question, i have a comment and then i'll open up to my fellow counal mbs. i want to thank you the presenters for being here and
2:45 pm
doing such a good presentation on amendment to this ordinance. i like to thank you supervisor katy tang for leading the way in this endeavor for amending this ordinance and addressing the legislation and removing more barriers so people with disabilities can shop and have access to business and services within their communities. so i like to thank everyone for the work they have done and work they will continue to do. i will turn it over for question squz believe council member wong had questions. >> thank you. >> hi. thank you for coming and presenting the access improvements to businesses. um, there are two comments i like
2:46 pm
to make. regina talked about the preservation historical society for delaying improvements in public buildings. i umalso in the past had served on the sfmta and um, we have encountered the forest hills station because they didn't have a access door openers to get in and out of the station and um, so we have kinds of had to fight for getting better improvements for to station because not just the general public, but there is some laguna honda hospital that serves over 1200 residents and
2:47 pm
[inaudible] and workers that need access to the station. i know that they want to preserve the building but there needs to be a way to improve other buildings to improve access for people who need them. that is just-finally after some advocacy work we have done, they actually have these door openers but it took a pretty long time until i got on board trying to get them to improve. i just wanted to comment that we need to get the buildings more accessible so people can get in and out. the second comment is, what should we do
2:48 pm
in a situation where businesses like restaurants-there are many restaurants i see as you were talking about the category 2 or 3 where there is one step. recently i went to a restaurant that had one step and that was at the threshold rkts. there are thousands and thousands of other buildings and restaurants and small businesses have these small steps, so how do we address that without effecting the owners you know, financial --anyway, that is my comments, so thank you. >> thank you chair wong. any
2:49 pm
other-what i thought-you want to answer them at the end so this way? okay. you can go ahead and answer, i'm sorry. >> that is a complex question and each business is a individual will have it be dealt with on a individual basis and one thing we negligented to state in this and should have, the way businesses are going to comply is we will give them a form to fill out and it has to be filled out by a license designed professional which is a architect or engineer or certified access specialist. these are people who should or will know the accessibility elements and should be experienced in building design and anyhow how to deal with things like this. i asked by economic and workforce development to assist on mission street with they had a
2:50 pm
large step but in order to ramp it to get into the building it would have taken up about 75 percent the seating which in the guidance on the title 3 says is a technical infeasibility and so what do you do? we looked and founds in this particular building they had a glass store front and pastry table in front the store front and said can you move the pastry table and put a table in chair in the sidewalk and they now have cafe seating with a sign that says, please ring bell-that is probably the best you can do, but if you can't get in at least we get the food out. it doesn't work on rainy days but it is a imperfect world but that was the type of solution in that-we look for the best case scenario
2:51 pm
but when we cant finds it we will come up with something. >> great. >> and regina-just to add, again with the emphasis that the property owner is geing to take the responsibility to work on the solution, if it is a expensive solution they have to ability to finance it through the public financing option of which they have the 20 years to pay it off over the tax structure through their property tax. and then also, as a result of the work that the convening supervisor tang has done bringing the departments together to work on this, as richard said, guidelines are being created by historical preservation and even dpw so that hopefully this will shorten the window so when-evep if it is a new
2:52 pm
business or the property owner will be modifying their front, they will have guidelines which will hopefully simplify and shorten the window of work wg the department to figure what to do. richard gave a example with the 3 departments together they realized they need today find a solution that lowered that step. >> thank you. >> co-chair supanich. >> i just have a comment or two. collect my thoughts for a second. um, you were talking about community education facet of this and how you brought in all these players. i sure you have thought of this but something that occurred to me, this gives the impression this is the answer to everyones problems and every building will become fully accessible and if it isn't they are in violation of the law and think
2:53 pm
some member thofz communities will expect this to happen more quickly than it will so that needs to be expressed in the community education that this is a comprehensive piece of legislation. the supervisor brought it to us about a year ago and presented and i read it and i it is very logical good piece of legislation, but there is no way to do everything for everyone. there will be compromises and exceptions and it will take time. that is the one comment. the other is, i'm glad to see dbi is work wg property owners to do ret row fitting and accessibility at the same time. i suppose it is just my luck to have a building become accessible to me and fall on top oof me as i went inside so i appreciate that. those are my comments. >> thank you co-chair supanich. staff, any questions?
2:54 pm
>> i have a question and comment. i want to thank you for being here and presenting to us today. i just have a question about whether or not maybe dyanna you can answer this, this is cutting edge legislation in san francisco, do you have a sense that other cities will follow? >> we are hoping as richard mentioned he is talking to cl disability commission and have been while developing the legislation we kept them the loop to use this as a model and hope as it is rolling out and people see how easy it is to remove barriers to the business or if it is difficult the city is working together and the oword wim get out and other cities will follow and use ours as a model. that is what we are hoping. we are hoping to gather success stories. it
2:55 pm
really dawned on us, the access to services is important and there are so many uniques ways to approach it and just getting that information out we hope will inspire others to do that as well. >> it may be cool to have regina on their website success stories the small businesses can say look what we did and didn't cost that much and now people with disabilities can access goods and services. >> hopefully in a year we can come and talk about those successs. >> yeah, thank you. >> i had a number of conversations with [inaudible] quhoo is the executive director of california disability access. they are struggling now to find solutions and for a number of reasons and think they are motivated from lawsuit
2:56 pm
point of view. what i told her about this, she was very interested and what i told her is that they should probably look at this and let us--any ordinance first time out will have problems. she said yes. what they will do is monitor what we do and she is work wg assemblyman therman from richmond and a couple others and they will launch this and see how it works and perhaps propose it state-wide so that is a possibility. >> thank you. at this time i like to open up for public comment. sorry. >> i just had a comment for rick. you mentioned earlier about there will be development of outreach material about this project and want to make sure we receiver that information if you can send that to me, i can field that
2:57 pm
information to members of the public to make sure they are fully aware of the project. also you mentioned there will be video developed as well and have a reminder we want to make sure the videos are captioned. >> one of our current taskforce members who was with economic and workforce development has just abandon ship and worked for mod so you will get everything as developed. the videos if and when we get them will be produced at the lighthouse of the blind so they will take full charge of captioning and make sure everything is fully accessible. >> thank you. >> anymore questions from staff? thank you. i like to open up this agenda item for public comment. please come up and speak.
2:58 pm
>> good afternoon. howard [inaudible] it is while-is the microphone on? it is while since i been here. i also want to note condolances on passing of carla. a real loss and wonderful great person. um, couple comments on this particular matter and something related. so, number 1, in terms of-i want to ask mr. halloran about whether a portable ramp is considered equivalent. i think it should be and again of course it case by case basis, but in the 26 years i have been using a wheelchair i have seen a lot of progress in san francisco in buildings of all kinds but there are some buildings where even with one big step it is just not going to be feasible to make it into-to ramp it.
2:59 pm
there is a number of stores and restaurants i go to that actually at my urging have gotten port able ramps and there is a particular ramp company that is quite good so it is really a case by case decision, but i really think that there are situations where a portable ramp is equivalent facilitation. not ideal, but the best you can get. that is number 1. number 2, as far as the historic preservation and the sometimes difficulties in getting a building more than 50 years old to be made accessible, italy-there is a lot of inaccessible places in italy, but the italians i think do a extraordinary job of taking a 500 year old building
3:00 pm
or older and modernizing elements of it, while still respecting the historic and esthetic and architectural nature of it so i would like to italy as a example for that. the other thing i was going to say is that, this legislation is really going to be a big step forward. one thing that i noticed in the last couple years, unfortunately is some very large residential developments that have awful access that are all most brands new. nema which are two buildings on 10th between market and mission, the-if i can have a couple more minutes? the southern of those two buildingsnema buildings have no level access. you have to go about 8 or 9 stairs from the
3:01 pm
entrance into where the elevators are and there is actually a platform lift in a dark corridor which i wasn't able to fit in and this is a building of maybe 300 units right next to the twitter building that was built on a few years ago. more recently i came upon a building on 15th in the mission district about 200 apartments and you have again about 8 or 9 or 10 stairs down to a courtyard and from that courtyard that is where the elevators are. the only access for somebody with a disability is again a platform lift. that one i was able to get into but it was broken that day so the custodeian had to fix it but these are two examples i think are appalling multimillion dollar projects of highened apartment rentals where brand
3:02 pm
new construction, where they chose to make the elevator lobby 8 or 9 or 10 steps down from the sidewalk for apparently no good reason what so ever. i urge both the council and dbi to just sort of be aware of that because i'm concerned about- i have come upon two but representing about 500 apartments i concerned whether there are any other buildings like this in the city. thank you. >> thank you. do we have anyone on the bridge line? do we have any other public comment? okay. we'll go ahead and close public comment. i like tathank the presenters for being here again today and look forward to seeing you back and hear those success stories so thank you very much. as
3:03 pm
mentioned earlier, we are skipping information item number 9 and moving on to item number 10 , public comment and these are items not on todays ajendsa but within the jurisdiction of disability council and each speaker has 3 minutes. do we have any public comment? anyone on the bridge line? okay. with none, i will go ahead and close public comment. early on we already addressed information item number 11 and unless anything changed in the last 3 hours do we have cor spawnance? >> there is no cor spawnance. >> we will go to discussion item 12 if there are
3:04 pm
announcements or comments from fellow council members? okay, no comment. alright. thank you. i like to go ahead and adjourn the meeting in memory of our former director carla johnson. i like to feel she is here today overseeing the proceedings and smiling. thank you for being here and look forward seeing you next month and have a nice weekend. [meeting adjourned] (clapping) >> are you a parents that's
3:05 pm
unemployed and struggling to pay child support we have teamed up and positions ourself to offer an opportunity for permanent employment. employment. for more information call i was just driving around minding my own business... when it came out of nowhere. suddenly, there were lights all around me. i'm like, "they're coming for me!" yeah, it was crazy. i just never thought they'd find me. not out here. it doesn't matter where you drive. if you don't buckle up, you will get caught. cops are cracking down all across the country. click it or ticket.
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>> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also
3:12 pm
accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle
3:13 pm
blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek ww.
3:14 pm
>> good morning, everyone welcome to the welcome to did people's palace i want to welcome someone that served the governor and the council executive of king couldn't my friend gasping lock is here thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> first, i want to acknowledge that our city is
3:15 pm
going into the pride month with a heavy heart we're all shockedcy the tragic shootings in orlando and our thoughts remain with the that is my understanding and frames by this senseless act that violation against how or our lgbt community we stand in solidarity with them although the recent event cause us to pause gives us a renewed sense ever purchase for uniting with unity towards a better future for the entire community during the pride celebration we'll be having a heightened security for you with our police department and other public safety agencies i encourage everyone to say something if you see something happen this is how we work with our community to make sure that everyone is safe in our city has a proud history
3:16 pm
of inclusiveness and leading the fight against hiv and ada we've congresswoman come a long way since the dark days of aids country's we're getting closer to this because of the people in the room we've got closer to zero thank you to europe of you for all our participation your input, your gowns and leadership >> (clapping.) >> yeah. as you may know san francisco's aiming become the first city to get to zero this means zero new hiv enacts and zero death from hiv and zero stigma and discriminates we're on the right track last year fewer than 200
3:17 pm
infections we'll going get closer and closer advertised go we can do better i'll consist we focus on preservation getting people the care immediately slopt and making sure they're in treatment and have many, many strength to build only one of the strengths i've that and always say that a strong community participation we owe much of our second, second to the practices of that diverse is community to tell the truth and listening to the community and collaborating for progress this is the only way to get to zero we want to commend permanent thank all the members of the hiv planning council for their hard work and their continued work say commitment in the future your participation in the two
3:18 pm
predecessor counsels that have shaped noble how our city cares forces those living with hiv and aid but presenting new infections that's a long road for the merging of the councils together thank you director gary's and the public health department on this front is it so exist as one of the first of its kind in the nation the council will take on a unit front on accident fight against ada hiv thank you >> (clapping.) >> your work will allow san francisco to better coordinate and strengthen our history infrastructure to do planning for the continuum from preservation to wrap around services in council can help us
3:19 pm
going get to zero and end sdriems we know i think we can make an impact about the discussion that or on blood that's the real stigma in our in addition, we have prioritized fidget against hiv and aids my budget has back filled because of our supervisors hero today supervisor wiener and, of course, supervisor campos and others we had to backfill the unfortunate back cuts from the federal government since nevada no matter what the challenge we did it. >> (clapping.) >> and we remain committed to providing comprehensive care and focus on care - on the
3:20 pm
preservation side kept is a preservation strategy san francisco started in 2010 our prep income tax program connects people to the resources and there are new now 6 thousand people on the prep in san francisco and i'd like to thank supervisor wiener for his leadership in making prep widely available and informed. >> (clapping.) >> >> so today in addition to swearing in our 0 planning council we want to narrow we're launching the new prep campaign for an uptick of prevention of history let me innovative bearing and supervisor wiener 0 say a few few words about prep. >> (clapping.) >> thank you mr. mayor i'm
3:21 pm
very proud to serve for mayor ed lee he's had every time the budget the first question what are redoing around the hiv dollars so take note of his leadership. >> (clapping.) >> and strong support but i want to make sure we acknowledge the charitable incidents against. >> latino and lgbt community especially the that concludes my report. renals and the other communities we'll hear more and more community the resolve and the currently you've seen from latino and latino lgbt community is incredible and i'm so proud of resolve and the responses and you think many times government loaders and other leaders we forgot the
3:22 pm
strength of people of color the fortitude we have as native and immigrant community so it is this strength we should count on and look to when they are thinking about our services new opportunity and medications like preparing that can survive i've been arena long enough to watch the urban pounceable names and new names of medications and many campaigns for hiv and aids that have satisfied so many lives in the past as for those new sxiefk games what is important at times what is more important how we tried treat our community of color and respect them and this honor will get us to zero transition and death and
3:23 pm
stigma i want to acknowledge all our dpw employees that do the work for us i can't do this alone i want to acknowledge folks can you stand for a second. >> (clapping.) >> we have researchers standing, department of human resources standing and activists standing they've been the construction of our department but today, i want to honor our leaders on the hiv planning council it has seen me come to those meetings mid-market some days we disagree but many times agree but your role is announced by federal, state, and local government and i'm proud you have found a way to come together i ask is that mayor
3:24 pm
four or five years ago is it takes time to come together i'm proud of you so i want to thank you, very much. thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i'm also proud today to announce that starting today, we'll see a new prep campaign that will celebrate prep as a way to reduce the risk of hiv by more than 90 terrace to working closely to make sure we eliminate contribution and remember the stigma is the code word for description and homophobia so thank you, thank you and thank you. >> (clapping.) >> help us get to zero thank you so much thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you
3:25 pm
barbara for really those moving words about orlando i think for a lot of us we woke up and saw those headlines it was like just an absolute punch to the gut to i think we can all remember for those who don't go out as much what it means to be in a gay bar or number those are our community sacrifices and ways that it is not outside of lgbt community for generations of our community members those are at times the only places where you can guess and be who you are and build community and in fact as we're hearing from the extraordinarily hearing stories about the people that were killed in the club and their
3:26 pm
family members not knowing they were lgbt our lgbt night life no one's in 2016 to play that community building and community strengthening role and have that scared space stloiltd this go unbelievably horrible massacre is a violation i can't articulate and i think that we owe it to the people that were killed and the people injured to the family families the influence that we should continue to fight to end violation or violence with what is happening every single day and commit to that in terms of the matter at hand i want to thank the mayor for his continued support of the people living with history and people
3:27 pm
at risked for the advisory we took office the same month we were hit with the first federal ryan white and the mayor didn't blink my colleagues didn't bring we continued year after year to really backfill the failure of the federal government >> (clapping.) >> and you know, i came of age as a gay man in 1987 when we were living in the era of fear an association of death and sickness with sex when we didn't no effective treatment the terror of getting tested to wait two weeks will i be positive or dead in a few months and going through that and generations of
3:28 pm
lgbt people you know having that trauma and the progress we've made over the years is incredible and this cause of san francisco the because of our community-based organizations our community advocates this city as time and g time again set the standards created the template and nooshd and the rest of the country and world has followed we need to continue to do that and we are continuing to do that with our getting to zero effort i've been proud to work with the department on the getting to zero and again, a template that others replicate and those infections to make sure that people living with the advisor are healthy and eliminating them and ii know we'll be successful
3:29 pm
about a year and a half ago in december of 2014 i announced that i am on preparing that was it was a little bit scary i want to thank the san francisco aids foundation and uflg for helping me through that process it was a positive response i think that people fundamentally get it we have a tool that so dramatically reduces the risk of infection we need to promote and invest and make sure that people can assess no matter how wealthy i didn't or poor and should have insurance access to powerful prevention tool one our consultant communities are are voices including loud voices
3:30 pm
that are trying stigma its prep and we have to continue to push back and make sure that the word is out there this matters and will safe lives thank you to everyone and let's keep on fighting to i understand hiv infections. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, supervisor and let me say again, all of you who are i'm about the to swear in letting me give a personal thank you this is not easy work i know that when our faced with the need to change people's behavior when our faced with discriminates with stigma when our trying to get informed about the facts it is not easy to do all of that in the faced of things that are going on that sometimes we don't have control over i want to first thank everyone that is stepping up to
3:31 pm
be on the hiv council without you, we couldn't find a way to get to zero on infections and prevent this deadly disease from increasing the disaster reduce effect please they're your jobs seriously and also live proudly talk to people continue giving them the encouragement that they need to have in order to do the right thing to save their own lives or their friends or families lives with that, if i can ask all the members of hiv planning council to please stand up and raise your hand and yell your names out i
3:32 pm
>> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> foreign and domestic. >> (repeated.) >> and that i will bear true faith and allegiance. >> and to the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> that i take this oath freely. >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.)
3:33 pm
>> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> (repeated.) >> that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties. >> (repeated.) >> and during such time as i hold office of as he member of the hiv planning council repeated for the city and county of san francisco members thank you very much thank you congratulations >> (clapping.) >> all right. we get do go to woto go to work
3:34 pm
>> (clapping.) >> all right. good afternoon, everyone i'm kate brown serve as governor of oregon and glad to see you the pacific northwest has a difference community and shared infrastructure and a regional economy with a combined gp d of 8 trillion usd the economy ranks for the entire world the impacts and challenges of climatic change fixes us all regardless of jurisdictional boundary fighting climatic change is an economic sensitive though the pacific coast we've demonstrating that the regional collaboration does make a
3:35 pm
difference more than each of us extinguisher on our own we took action on national and international by establishing the pacific coast making an investment for resilient infrastructure and notify technologies and continue to push for national and international climate changes for the pacific northwest agreement through that collaboration and instant with the paris agreements we have a significant opportunities to reduce green house gas emissions it is so important for us to careen as partners against global climatic change and take stock of the progress and set in the candidates we create a cleaner more resilient energy feature as governor of oregon i'm condominium to have this goal and building environmental values and economic development
3:36 pm
have not exclusive goals our green house gas emissions were set within an ice for oregon to do it's part to reduce the green house gas emissions and we're actively pursuing policies and strategies to make those goals a reality oregon industry is sdruch the trajectory of green house gas emissions while supporting a thriving economy and earlier this spring i had the coal to clean for a future free of coal powder electrical by doubling the renewal energy serving organs to 50 percent by 20202025 our population is growing quickly and the demands for energy we'll strive to be a partner on climatic change and we'll continue to working hard on this greatest challenge to
3:37 pm
our way of life and continues prosperity for the jurisdictions in our country and across the entire globe thank you. >> govern jan all thank you it is said if you want to go fast good alone and if you want to go far go together we'll do this together we have a long link journey but started big time on times pacific coast for a couple of years we're governs that looked into the eyes of people go had they're a homes burn and when you see the shock of people suffering you know action is required we're providing and second we understand on the pacific coast is that economic growth and action on climatic change that are both happening in the west xooft not a coincidence but a cause one of the reasons we have a robust economy on the pacific coast we embraced the technologies of
3:38 pm
clean energy we have a fossil fuel free in washington state ways we increased the solar 100 percent last year reduced the the cost of solar and it is because of that initiative economic strategy we have a robust economy at the same time reducing the treat eve climate change i'm glad to be here the ecology ruled out a rule this is a wall of protection against cash pollution for the first time a rule will be implement in our state that creates a cash pollution coming from major e minorities and joined other states to streamlining those with all the things including the renewable portfolio and centers for solar and energy finishes in the building and the like this is a great day for my
3:39 pm
state to join other governs robust step forward and the last thing i want to mention this collaborative has been successful already one of the reasons my state has been consecutive ♪ rule we have the assistance of other states that assisted us in looking at their experience so we can create a rule that is both flexible for industries and know it works this has already worked one of the things i'm happy we have a resounding in custody emphasis over is overview twin of climatic change change ocean certification a specific treat to the maritime industries we have an industry had to move the operations by the way, of cab and i believe that with the opportunity to move on ocean certification to get away from the climatic change you're about 15 years two
3:40 pm
lastly zero doer debate about ocean cervix this cashier needs to be not going into the ocean doing damage to the waters i hole pristine i'm excited and they've to british columbia taking care of our state >> thank you govern as a representative i'm really happy to see the progress as a region it has been a great year for climatic for britain columbia not only this renewed relationship but seeing the federal government that is not taking a keen interest for a jurisdiction from canada that began this work in 2008, we're excited to have there federal papering it means right now our predicament minister is leading a protest that works towards a
3:41 pm
can canada was launched with the vancouver dilation and a lot of things we're doing in british columbia will be rfblt of what you see at a canadian approach but it goes hand in hand with what you see in front of the you it is extremely difficult to go it alone when our a natural jurisdiction like british columbia with 4 million people it is not hard to get leakage it is one of the reasons to be working together we have right now a cash tax that is one of the highest and broadcasted in the world did bank timing called that one, the most powerful example of pricing we also are the first and still the only jurisdiction in north america
3:42 pm
to, cashier neutral for the last 5 years our energy supply is 98 percent clean and the g h g emissions are amongst the lowest in canada it is not a lot of easy places to look for continued emissions reduction it makes those partnerships all the more important and i want to reinforced to you what's been express this and have to be a choices between the assignment and the economy in fact, we look at the potential results the climatic change we can clearly say our economic future as world that indeed as a region is depend on action to reduce the implications of climatic change i'll give you some example from our economy in british columbia we internal revenue by the way, the faster growing economy in canada we're the only province in canada to
3:43 pm
balance the budget we're the only province with a triple a's credit rating with a great economy wife seen 68 thousand jobs a 12 percent increase since years and the g dp rose in the realm to $6 billion plus in 2014 and that's a 18 want 3 increase from 2010 our economies don't think our actions to combat climatic change we welcomes partnerships not only because of success bus the opportunities it give us we know that for the future of our planet and the much of our children and grandchildren we can't be the generation this drops the ball we have to pick up the baton and need everyone's ideas together
3:44 pm
is the only way to successfully tackle this. >> govern. >> thank you. this is indeed another milestone in 2013, the pacific coast collaborative started it was relatively small and very embryonic in its sense here we are joined by key cities in the bay area and making that commitment to reduce carbon dioxide and other green house gas emissions this is a serious threat it is a major issue and on the west coast we remember taking action serious action now around the country there are states and political leaders that have their head in the sand someone running for president that calls us and this meeting should be stopped
3:45 pm
immediately because everyone would be crazy but that's not say way it is and the other thing he should be stopped and should be stopped soon i've indicated yesterday (laughter) anyway, i am encouraged i try tee set the difficulty of dealing with climatic change when you read this commitment we're making there's a lot of provisions and a lot of words this is not just one thing stop this no? integrated it is comprehensive and requires governs and congress people and entrepreneurs and utility executives and mobilizing all the swath of civilization and your leadership on the west coast ultimately the united states and the rest of the world
3:46 pm
we're here in a initiative part of word most of the leaders come here and want to get part of that innovation and tremendous economic identify wisdom and we're to make a commitment for climatic change that is more and more visual in the national dialogue not enough for my sense but this what we're doing here advances the ball and how far we've come to 2013 indicates the seriousness of what we're doing and when we do this again in another year or two we're making advance and not just elected people that is this morning bill gates asia tom a serious financial players and they're here joining with anyone stares of energy from the different parts of world now with paris
3:47 pm
because of president obama and wanting she we really made a real step up ♪ effort which was not true just a couple years ago so this is important it is only another step but an important step and more and more people are following we are all collaborating organizing low cashier full standards washington is look at it as a overall cap on emissions and, of course, the cashier pricing in british columbia is recognized by the world back that's the way to go there's a lot of progress and a long way to go but each step is very important essential toe getting the ultimate goal the decashed world. >> thank you govern and i'm honored and exciting to be in the company of really great
3:48 pm
leaders that are coming together to be here to bear witness on this historic collaboration on our climatic change i'm proud to add that the city of san francisco to this agreement along with so many other west coast mayors and our city's on the front line of climatic change and becoming more clear that we can't fully address this alone we need leadership and we are seeing that happen before our eyes and desires me to be part of this work of the pacific coast collaborative the reality the impact of climatic change knows no state or city or national boundary line satisfies and daughters and wildfires are going to continue to wreak havoc across the region threatening you are victimized and property
3:49 pm
our social and economic resources and public health i look at this as a regional insurance together we've prove that decisive and national climate action we can mitigated those through goal setting and strengthening the regional economies assessment we're reducing green house gas emissions and mr. was right in san francisco we've been able to reduce the green house gas emissions to 23 percent below 1990 levels and while at the same time our population has increased by 15 percent and our economy at the same time as grown by 49 percent we can grow sustainablely for our planets this agreement will
3:50 pm
take our local efforts to a new high i look forward to work with the governors and heads of state how we might scale up the inches for great are impact i want to thank all the gofrjz and ministers for me the next step to a lot about for our neighbors to the south and look at the states of baja, california and perplexing city we can truly have been entire west coast collaborative we have a lot of work i'm excited excited to join great partners like across the bay area. >> thank you i feel this guess a resounding union four of us up here were on the stage in paris in december speaking about climatic change on the pacific coast great to continue the partnership and the
3:51 pm
work to really recognition that climatic change didn't see governmental boundaries more can we if we prevent catastrophic damage we see coming our way in oakland, california we're proud to be included in the climate champions we firmly believe that cities are a great part of that conversation and solution particularly like oakland and san francisco we know that globally the vast majority of core manages are coming from the world cities that is going to increase as populations are golden state and yet the creativity to try new things in oakland one of the things we've hope to share is our zero waste program something we believe the
3:52 pm
main contributed to our significant reduction our 9 percent in core emissions and 14 percent in consumption emissions another thing we hope to contribute to the conversation is creating a measurement of consumption go emissions to again thinking collaboratively and not only about the emissions that are coming if our city but the emissions that are caused by the con summing inside of our city even though this product was produced somewhere else and our partnership with uc berkley is setting a standard in calculating that critical consumption emission standard and, of course, we have so much to learn from all of you, we represent the main ports of entry for goods coming from asia into the united states how we manage goods movement in a quasi that didn't exacerbate climatic change is a really important
3:53 pm
conversation we hope to learn from all of you in your practices and so with that, oakland is incredibly proud to join that that initiative group of leaders united and commitment to collaboration to stop climatic change and talk about dangerous i know i get to make my donald trump joke there is nothing more dangers or dangerous than george climatic
3:54 pm
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3:59 pm
4:00 pm
>> how are you >> good evening, and welcome to the san francisco board of appeals. wednesday, may 18, 2016, the presiding officer is commissioner honda and we are joined by and joined by vice president commissioner fung and commissioner ann lazardus. >> commissioner swig is